Use Low-Pressure Quality Cartridges in Your Fine Doubles

September 19, 2018

Use Low-Pressure Quality Cartridges in Your Fine Doubles.

 I use RST ammo more than any other brand now.  RST makes great 2-½” clean burning cartridges.  These shells are safe for older doubles even nitro-proofed Damascus barrels.  These great loads produce about the same pressures that black powder shells used to.  Don’t let the lower velocity and smaller pay loads deter you.  I can attest that RST cartridges kill game very efficiently.  The company has almost any gauge or shot size available that anyone could ever want or need!  RST also carry’s 2-¾” pheasant and pigeon loads for the longer, tougher shots.  Give RST a try on your next upland bird hunt.  You won’t be disappointed!

 Refer to my chapter “Quality Cartridges” in my book on page #107 to learn more!


Over-choked in the Uplands

August 28, 2018

Don’t be over-choked when upland bird hunting!

Over-choked shotguns in the uplands can be a major handicap. With today’s ammo I do not see a need for more than a modified choke at the tightest. The old myth that a full choke either kills or misses is not true.  I’ve seen many of birds shot with a full choke and hit in the tail or back end of the bird and fly off crippled. If that same shot would’ve been taken with an improved cylinder the bird would’ve been hit from the head to the tail. Most shots are missed by small margins. Put a big pattern out there. Most upland game is shot at close range, and should be. Birds die easily at close range when using quality ammo. Another factor to consider is that quality ammo with extra hard shot patterns very tight. If I had only one choke to use in the uplands (thank God I don’t) improve cylinder would be it. I could put a spreader load in the chamber and get skeet choke patterns or I could put a load of extra hard shot in the chamber and get a modified choke pattern.  In my side by sides I prefer skeet I and skeet II chokes for all around upland gunning. Stick with small shot sizes (except for pheasants) Open chokes and watch your success rate go up!

Reference page 59 of my book as it goes into great detail on the subject!