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Federal ammo-1.jpg
Federal ammo-2.jpg

-Federal Copper-plated buffed premium magnum.-

20 ga  3" 1 1/4oz. 4 shot "new' lead. 

One full box left: $14.00 + $11 S&H. *Must be 18 years old.


Eley Ammo 1.jpg
Eley Ammo 2.jpg

Very Rare and Collectible!!

-Eley Two-Inch Cartridges in New and Excellent Condition-

12 ga 2" 7 shot made in Great Britain

2 boxes left at $125.00 each + $10.00 S&H *Must be 18 years old



-Aluminum Krieghoff combination gun case for a single barrel trap 12 gauge-

Fits model KX-5 Trap Gun.

Fits barrels up to 35” long.

Extras: Choke tube case with one $65.00 tube, 3 wrenches, Gracoil wrenches, manual, and grease.

Was $395.00 new.  Deal of the century!!

$80.00 + $20.00 S&H


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